Begin Digging With Blacksmith’s Bismuth The Coal Miner

January 13, 2014 by brennon

Blacksmith Miniatures, a company that do very awesome looking fantasy sculpts, has another one on their webstore. This time around it's a Coal Miner by the name of Bismuth!

Bismuth the Coal Miner (Front)

Bismuth the Coal Miner (Rear)

As you can see this squat little Dwarf is ducking down low as he delves into new tunnels in search of coal to fuel the fires of his hold. Or maybe he is just doing it for a quick buck so he can get more pipe weed!

Once again I think Blacksmith have excelled when it comes to this one and the quality is pretty high. Plenty of detail from what I can see and has a nice grumpy character to him.

Will you be picking him up?

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