The Bloodwolf Tribe Start to Raid Blackwater Gulch

June 7, 2012 by brennon

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Some more detail pictures have arrived of the Bloodwolf Tribe from Gangfight Games as they charge into the town at the dead of night to steal weapons from the folk of Blackwater Gulch...

Bloodwolf Tribe Group

Here they are as a group looking pretty deadly it has to be said. But lets check some of them out in more detail.

"Boneshirt" of the Bloodwolf Tribe

As you may have noticed the names are all nicknames. The true names of these brave warriors will never be known to the likes of you or me.

"The Hawk" Chief of the Bloodwolf Tribe

Here's some more information on where exactly they come from...

"The Saltpan Plains beyond the town’s boundaries are a dangerous place filled with many hazards. The terrain is harsh and tough as are those that choose to live upon its dusty back. Hidden amongst the boulders, outcrops and scrub are many tribes of Indians, most famous being The Bloodwolf Tribe. Hardened against the elements and fiercely loyal, the Bloodwolf have their own reasons for coming into the town of Blackwater Gulch."

"The Spearman" of the Bloodwolf Tribe

So there you have it, that's the previews of the Bloodwolf Tribe for the moment. There are of course more to come and we will get you them as soon as possible! I'm really liking the character of this tribe and it should give people a real reason to paint something different and original from the Wild West scene.

What do you make of the howling Bloodwolf Tribe?

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