Call The Magnificent Seven, the Mexicans are Coming!

May 7, 2012 by brennon

Gangfight Games have got the first images of a Mexicano Bandidos for Blackwater Gulch! Check him out below and knock up a wanted poster so the law can hunt this varmit down!

Cabo Mendoza

Mendoza comes with a Longarm, Machete and Pistol as well as that angry look on his face. A really nice miniature. Also, if you wanted some better images of the Bloodwolf Tribe Work-in-Progress models then check out these...

Bloodwolf Tribe

A lot closer up and easier to make out the details on the models. I think I may have changed my mind and I now like the gang member in the top right.

How are you guys liking the shape of the gangs for Blackwater Gulch?

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