Gangfight Games Prepare for Another Kickstarter

September 13, 2012 by dracs

Gangfight Games have announced that they will soon be running a new Kickstarter campaign for Blackwater Gulch and have published artwork of some things we can expect to see.

Gangfight Games - Uncle Zeke

Gangfight Games - Hugh Brocket

Gangfight Games - Christian Kluge

Gangfight Games - Eric Jurgensen

If these sketches are anything to go by we can hope to see some truly great characters of the wild west.

But what exactly will this new Kickstarter be bringing us? Here's what the guys at Gangfight Games have to say.

The goal will be to get the funding to make a series of new figures for each gang, and if it’s really successful we’ll be able to add new gangs too. Each of the 4 main gangs will get 3 “Support Packs” of 3 models each, 9 new figures per gang and 36 new figures total if all goes well. Each set will feature one of the professions not in a gang’s starter set, so in the end a full gang would be 14 members with 1 of each profession and a nice selection of henchmen for the cannon fodder every gang needs!

So definitely something to keep an eye out for then.

Do you like these concepts? Think you'll pledge any of your hard earned cash to making them a reality?

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