Gangfight Games Set the Dynamite!

May 25, 2012 by brennon

Yes! More previews from the world of Blackwater Gulch where its rapidly looking like an awesomely faithful tabletop game based in the world of Red Dead Redemption! I kid of course but these previews do get me going back to that game almost weekly...

El Jefe

Gramps Fillickson

These two previews are for the enigmatic El Jefe with his akimbo revolvers and Gramps Fillickson who thinks a more drastic approach is needed. Of the two Fillickson is of course my favourite since he is essentially a Dwarf Miner just hanging out in the Wild West.

Some fantastic miniatures are on the horizon for this game and we can't wait to see what the new gangs end up like painted to perfection.

Which of these two gets your vote?

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