Something BIG From Blight Wheel This Way Comes!

April 11, 2013 by brennon

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If you thought the Mantis Tank from Blight Wheel was big wait till you check out this guy. They revealed the mighty Prometheus which is available right now and at Salute...

Prometheus (Front)

Prometheus (Rear)

This mighty walker stands at 20cm and is a massive mountain of metal. It also looks incredibly epic! The whole front of this beast also comes off as you can see below...

Prometheus (Inside)

Prometheus Pilot

I could see him being perfect for a game like Dystopian Legions or if you wanted a mighty mech in Warhammer 40,000 with a bit of an archaic feel it'd be awesome!

There are a couple left on their webstore and only a select amount available from their booth at Salute so first come first served is the phrase of the day!

What do you think of the mighty Prometheus?

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