Blitzkrieg Miniatures Preview Upcoming Tanks!

November 6, 2014 by brennon

Blitzkrieg Miniatures have previewed some renders of Jumbo Shermans coming to the tabletop this week in fact! See what you think of them...

M4A3E8 Sherman

M4A3E8 Sherman (Alt)

If you've been inspired to pick up some more tanks by the recent film Fury then this could be somewhere to start. I wont pretend to know a lot about what we're looking at here, we'll leave that to John, but the tanks look amazing which is what really counts for me here.

I have a strange thing where I like tanks to look like 'modern' tanks with the turret on the top rather than at the front or at the back which you do sometimes see on strange European designs. Maybe I just need to buy modern tanks!

Will you be picking these up?

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