Blood Bowl II Is Looking Very Snazzy Indeed

November 2, 2013 by brennon

Blood Bowl II from Cyanide Games is actually looking, and by looking I mean graphically, like it could be a really welcome return to console and PC. Check out the screenshots below.

Blood Bowl Screenshot #1

Bob Bifford

Blood Bowl Screenshot #2

As you can see the game is boasting some impressive visuals this time around. Everything looks cleaner and crisper and it brings the vibrance of the Blood Bowl world to life well. This is certainly something that the original game lacked.

The animation teaser for Bob Bifford also shows us that there should be a lot more effort going into the animation of the players hopefully giving them some real connection when you play. I'd like things to be a bit more involved when players clash instead of an awkward animation that makes someone stumble.

Also look at that crowd, there actually is one, and it's massive and seems to be filled with character! Great!

I hold out hope for this to be a neat return to form and I imagine the Polaris channel on Youtube will be playing another league of this.

Something to look out for.

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