Blood Bowl Now Available For Pre-Order

November 12, 2016 by brennon

Games Workshop has now made the Fantasy Football game of Blood Bowl available to pre-order with a release date of the 26th November!

Blood Bowl

Inside the set you get...

  • 12x plastic Human players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Catchers and 6 Linemen;
  • 12x plastic Orc players: 2 Blitzers, 2 Throwers, 2 Black Orc Blockers and 6 Linemen;
  • Extra balls, team counters, and bases featuring holes to place the ball in, indicating possession;
  • A double-sided foldout card pitch – one Orc side, one Human side, each divided into squares to regulate movement and combat;
  • 2x card dugouts, each with a Human team’s sideline on one side and an Orc sideline on the other;
  • A deck of cards detailing Special Plays and Star Players, as well as references for the included miniatures;
  • 2x sets of dice, coloured blue for the Humans and green (of course!) for the Orcs – a mix of D6 Block dice, ordinary D6’s, D8’s and D16’s;
  • A 56-page rulebook – this contains the basic rules of Blood Bowl, a number of optional extra rules, a guide to assembling your teams and the story of Blood Bowl’s origins;
  • A range ruler and throw-in template;
  • A sheet of decals containing number and team symbols, and a list of player positions that can be applied to the edge of your models’ bases.

Of course you can't play the game without some neat looking teams and the Blood Bowl set comes with coloured plastics for the Humans and Orcs.


Fans of Blood Bowl will enjoy seeing these two stalwarts getting stuck into the football awesomeness.


As well as the Humans & Orcs Games Workshop have also designed a plastic Skavenblight Scramblers team for you to use in your games to mix things up.

Skavenblight Scramblers

There are already a fair few folks interested in getting stuck into this game and exploring it once more. While not much has changed rules-wise its nice to see them giving support to the game again for tournaments and more.

Will you be snapping this up?

"Of course you can't play the game without some neat looking teams..."

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