Cyanide Pack Everything Into Their Blood Bowl II Stadiums

November 16, 2013 by brennon

Cyanide and Focus Interactive have been hard at works it seems when bringing together to look for Blood Bowl II. The first one was, and this was a major complaint, pretty devoid of life and felt a bit soulless. It looks like they have packed it with character this time around.

Blood Bowl 2 Goblin Ref

Blood Bowl 2 Packed Stadium

It looks like we have some really interesting character models, a lot more action going on in and around the stadiums and a vibrant world to sit down and play in finally.

It's of course a bit premature to dive in and start thinking that the game is going to be brilliant from some screenshots but we can dream! I know a lot of people picked this up so they could get in a few games when they weren't with their friends to scratch that Blood Bowl itch.

Will you be looking out for this?

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