New Dwarf Team, Pitches & More Added To The Blood Bowl Collection

January 28, 2017 by brennon

The folks at Games Workshop has put together some new Blood Bowl goodies for folks to get stuck into. Leading the way is their new Dwarf Giants team with some fantastic models...

The Dwarf Giants Team

Not only do you get some Dwarfs, which actually look like they're in motion (which is a feat in of itself), storming towards the enemy team. You also get some neat extras including a trophy, balls and a coin to match your team.

I really like the look of the Slayers and the different designs for the Dwarfs in their armour. Each of them feels like they have a good personality.

Pitch Perfect

When it comes to running this team you might want to pick out a pitch. A new double-sided board folds out alongside themed dug-outs to give you options for playing as Dwarfs or Skaven.

Dwarf Pitch

Of course, this means that you have to try and work in some ways to get some special rules onto the tabletop for each of these pitches. Hitting the hard stone of a Dwarf pitch would certainly cause some injuries.

Skaven Pitch

Conversely, maybe you'll also be able to work in some mutations when it comes to the Skaven pitch. I think of the two of them the Skaven more is decidedly more evocative even if the Dwarf pitch is in keeping with their character.

Last but not least you also have a set of Special Play Cards known as the Hall Of Fame Pack.

Hall Of Fame Cards

You will get your hands on some cards for Heroic Feats which might turn the tide of a game. The same goes for the Magical Memorabilia which you may be able to get into play. You will roll a the beginning of the game to see how many cards you get to play around with.

It's always fun to make things more random!

"I really like the look of the Slayers and the different designs for the Dwarfs in their armour..."

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