Vast Stadiums & Roaring Crowds For Blood Bowl II

March 6, 2014 by brennon

The original Blood Bowl game from Cyanide was pretty much a buggy mess. It was really badly tweaked for both console and PC and while they managed to get a lot of it sorted out by it's final edition the game just wasn't what Blood Bowl fans had been looking for. Blood Bowl II is looking a LOT better...

Human Vs Orc

The Crowd

Troll Butt

Troll Stomp

The guys behind the game seem to have vastly improved the look of the game breathing a lot more life and atmosphere into the experience. Added to that it appears as if the character models have jumped up in quality and the scale is now just insane.

The main thing for me however is that they keep the rules as tight to the actual board game as possible. Keep that on track and the animations between players and you will win over Blood Bowl players hearts. If not I imagine most will just go back to the FUMBBL version or the tabletop itself.

Let's hope we see some awesome gameplay soon.

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