Blood & Plunder Now Accepting Late Pledges & Sneak Peek At The French!

June 20, 2016 by brennon

Blood & Plunder, the fantastic Pirate game by Firelock Games, has now opened its doors to Late Pledges so you can get in on the action even now that the Kickstarter has finished.

late pledges

All you have to do when looking to pledge and get in on the campaign at this point is email [email protected] and you will get yourself an invitation.

The French Hit The High Seas!

We also have something else fantastic for you today too thanks to the guys at Firelock. They've given us some previews for the Filibustiers, Buccaneers and Sailors for the French faction in their game.


Once again we've got some great looking miniatures that are historically accurate of course AND they have plenty going on with them character-wise. All of the troops here look like they're individuals rather than regular soldiers - which is good because pirates should be individual!

French Buccaneers

French Sailors

The French were one of the later factions from their campaign and represent the range of Pirates and Privateers who took to the seas for the Crown and for their own pockets looking to make a name for themselves. No Spanish settlement was safe!

What do you think of the French?

"No Spanish settlement was safe from the French!"

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