Watch Out For The Dutch In Blood & Plunder Expansion This June

May 2, 2017 by brennon

As part of an expansion to their fantastic piratical tabletop game, Blood & Plunder, we're seeing the Dutch appear on Kickstarter this June from Firelock Games.

Dutch West India Company Preview #1

The Dutch will feature as one of the factions in No Peace Beyond The Line and are already looking rather awesome. They each have their own style which has been researched by the team and most are sporting some spectacular moustaches.

Dutch Sailor

Interesting, Firelock Games have said that...

"All Dutch sailor units will be able to be used in English and French Buccaneer factions as support units and as a Spanish faction called the Ostend Privateer"

...which sounds rather cool indeed. We have the guys from Firelock Games in the studio with us soon and hopefully, we'll find out more about what they have planned.

Dutch Boarding Party Veteran With Blunderbuss

Now we just need to try and find out more about the colours that the Dutch would have been wearing at the time. They seem rather flamboyant so maybe some bright colours should be on the pallet?

Will you be keeping an eye on this Kickstarter?

"We have the guys from Firelock Games in the studio with us soon..."

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