Take A Look At The Clan Sheets For Blood Rage

December 30, 2014 by brennon

The folks behind Blood Rage have shown off another preview for the board game by the combined efforts of Guillotine Games and Studio McVey. This time around the focus is on the Clan Sheets and the statistics you'll be using to win in the name of the Gods...

Clan Sheet

The first thing to note is that the Sheet shows you what you need to do when upgrading your troops, leader and ships as well as having space for you to add those awesome monsters like the Trolls they previewed not long ago. As well as that there are three stats...

  • Rage: This stat fuels your viking clan. It gives you "currency" each round to invade the map with your figures, or play important upgrade card to improve your Clan.
  • Axes: This stat improves your Glory award for destroying opponents in battle. The higher your axes, the more Glory you earn. And Glory is how you win the game at the end of three Ages.
  • Horns: This stat limits how many figures you are allowed to have on the board. The higher your Horns, the more figures you are allowed. Since you need figures to pillage and battle (or die gloriously), the more the better.

It all looks very clear and concise with not a lot of mess. It's great that you get to see the artwork for your clan on the board as well rather than just an emblem.

It's all shaping up really well I think!

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