Go Head To Head To Please Dragons In Blue Moon Legends

August 29, 2013 by brennon

Blue Moon Legends is a combined card game set based on the series by Reiner Knizia now taken over by Fantasy Flight Games. See what you think of this very strange and interesting looking game below...

Blue Moon Legend

In Blue Moon Legends you will be playing against one other opponent and looking to gain the attention of ancient dragons who stand between you and the throne. Each round you will then be playing heroes and other cards from your hand to do battle.

Blue Moon Legend Set-Up

Blue Moon Legend Card Fan

The artwork is certainly totally out there and not like anything I've seen before, which is good! The game comes with a number of pre-constructed decks with which to work from but you can always mix and match and try a tactic of your own creation.

I'm quite intrigued by this game and while it takes a lot for me to like a one on one game like this (I prefer to play a card or board game with many other players) I might be swayed after a gameplay video or two!

What do you think?

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