AEG Announce Three New Board Games Packed With Goblins & Animals

November 17, 2015 by brennon

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AEG have announced three new board games that are going to be available towards the end of 2015 and the beginning portion of 2016. There are some funky sounding games in this collection so see which one grabs your attention...

Greedy Goblins

First up we have Richard Garfield's Greedy, Greedy Goblins which sounds like it's going to be a Fantasy version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. Is that game still being made?

Greedy Greedy Goblins

"Players lead a clan of goblin miners who want to gather the most valuable collection of gems. Coins are scored for gem tiles on the mines you have claimed, with bonuses for dynamite tiles — but if there is too much dynamite, the mine (and all the riches within) are destroyed!

In more detail, players sit around a circle composed of cave game boards and the guildhall game board, with sixty mining tiles placed face-down within this circle. Each round, while playing at the same time, players use one hand to look at one mining tile at a time, then place it on one of the cave game boards.

At any time, a player can claim the guildhall or a cave by placing one of their three goblins on the board, after which no more tiles or goblins may be placed on this board."


Following on from that we have a game all about birds called Flock...


"Players start with three of their eleven birds in front of them. Six nest, egg and worm tokens are placed on the side for each player. On a turn, a player can either place a bird on one of the six action cards or activate an action card on which they have at least one bird.

When you activate an action card, you can remove birds from the card — possibly paying worms, nests and eggs as well — to take the action shown, such as removing two birds from "Feeding" to get three worms. Spent birds are returned to your personal pool of resources, while other spent resources are placed on the side.

Each player in turn order does the same with this action, then whether they used their birds or not, all birds are removed from this action card, flying away to the players' personal pools."

Ravenous River

Now we have a look at more from the animal kingdom with Ravenous River. This one is a bit of a logic puzzle where you are all trying to cross the river but also not get eaten in the process if you're prey!

Ravenous River

"In Ravenous River, each player takes the role of an animal trying to cross the river. The roles are hidden, so you don't know which players are predator or prey. Be careful not to end up on a boat with the wrong animal, or you'll end up as its lunch!

Use your feral cunning to trap your prey on the same boat for a tasty treat while you cross the river. The player who scores the most points by crossing the river, eating their prey, and avoiding being eaten themselves wins!

In more detail, Ravenous River includes seven animals, with each animal (e.g., horse) having a predator (bull) and a prey (hound). At the start of each round, each player secretly receives an animal card, and they want to feed that animal and get it safely home."

Which of these games sounds the most appealing to you?

Let us know in the comments below...

"Which of these games sounds the most appealing to you?"

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