AEG Close In On Final Hours For Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon Kickstarter

August 17, 2018 by brennon

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AEG are closing in on the final hours of their Thunderstone Quest Back To The Dungeon Kickstarter. Not only does this bring the mighty Thunderstone Quest back to the tabletop but also a lot of additional expansion content as well.

Thunderstone Quest - AEG

Thunderstone Quest is an immense deck-building game which has you taking on the role of adventuring parties looking for glory and riches throughout the dungeons of this Fantasy world. The game features many different ways to play as well including multiple quests within the main box (giving you new and interesting card to explore each time) and also some superb expansions too.

The first of these is Barricade Mode.

Thunderstone Quest Barricade Mode - AEG

Barricade Mode introduces the ability to play the game in solo mode and also cooperatively rather than competitively. This is a rather interesting new prospect and one that I would like to see explored in more detail, maybe by us!

Finally, we also have What Lies Beneath which is a new campaign and quest which works alongside the Barricades Mode AND can be used in competitive play too.

Thunderstone Quest What Lies Beneath - AEG

If you fancy learning about how this game plays then you'll be happy to know that we did a livestreamed Let's Play of the game which you can watch below or HERE.

We had a lot of fun with the game and can't wait to play more of it. There is SO much to this game and it could well become your deck-builder of choice.

Stretch Goals

We're not going to sugarcoat this pill. There are a LOT of Stretch Goals and here they all are...

Thunderstone Quest Stretch Goals yeah, quite a lot of them I think you'll agree! I have said this before but I love the artwork for this game and it reminds me of those old dungeon crawling adventures I loved to play on consoles and PC back during the late 90s!


It isn't just Stretch Goals you have to consider when it comes to Thunderstone Quest either. Welcome the Add-On section...

Thunderstone Quest Add-Ons

I love the addition of the neoprene mat and the card sleeves. I think that it might be a bit much to try and sleeve all of your Thunderstone Quest experience but it would look very pretty!

Are you going to be backing this campaign as it closes in on its final hours? 

"Are you going to be backing this campaign as it closes in on its final hours? "

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