Soar Into The New Aeronautica Imperialis Next Weekend

August 26, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off all of the goodies dropping soon for Aeronautica Imperialis which will arrive for pre-order this coming weekend. Starting things off we have the Core Box.

Aeronautica Imperialis - Games Workshop

This set comes with everything you need to play the game. You'll have the rulebook, tokens, a big new hex-based gaming board and of course the new models which are looking very good indeed. They break down into both Imperial and Ork forces, each with a little bit of variation amongst the mix.

Imperial Squadron

The Imperials are led by the Thunderbolts which are your go-to aircraft in the game. These are capable and diverse fighters which should allow you to take on most oncoming foes.

Thunderbolts - Games Workshop

This can then be expanded into the Marauders which come in two different flavours too. On the one hand, you have the Marauder Destroyers which are slightly larger and come armed with a few more guns here and there.

Marauder Destroyers - Games Workshop

And, for blowing up targets on the ground you have the Marauder Bombers which no doubt the Orks are going to try and stop.

Marauder Bombers - Games Workshop

I love that these have a little bit of the old school World War II design about them, especially around the front. They look like a big Sci-Fi version of a Lancaster! It will be neat to see just how people approach painting these models, either with an industrial paint scheme like you see here or with something a little more retro.

Orky Fighters

On the other side of things, we have the Orks. Leading the way for them we have the very colourful looking Dakka Jets. You will have seen some of these on the tabletop no doubt in 28mm scale.

Dakke Jets - Games Workshop

These are tooled up to deal with all sorts of situations and, like most Ork vehicles, are driven into the skies pretty much on willpower alone. The Orks do seem to have a marvellous link with technology.

When it comes to blowing things up that's where the Fighta Bombas come in. As you can see they are armed to the teeth and if they really wanted to I'm sure they could just blow up their targets by flying into them.

Fighta Bombers - Games Workshop

You get quite a nice array of different options when it comes to building up your forces for both the Imperials and Orks. So, with that in mind, you clearly need to choose a faction!

Expansion Content

There are already some new options already available for you when you get stuck into Aeronautica Imperialis. First up we have Rynn's World Campaign Book.

Rynns World Campaign Book - Games Workshop

This gives you an entire campaign to play through with your friends, charting the battles in the skies between the Imperials and the Orks. Ace pilots and a six-mission campaign are presented in its pages giving you a chance to really dive down into the detail and character for your force.

All of this can be played out on the new Rynn's World board which shows off a full-on urban environment which is clearly getting bombed to hell and back.

Rynns World Gaming Board - Games Workshop

If you're tired of just using tokens you can make your game board look a bit more 3D with the addition of the Rynn's World Ground Asset pack which gives you lots of cool little gun emplacements and such which you can try and avoid or take out.

Rynns World Ground Assets - Games Workshop

It will be interesting to see how this works alongside the actual movement of the planes and such but it's good for creating dynamic battlefields. It looks like there is a plethora of new options for anyone wanting to dive into Aeronautica Imperialis.

Will you be giving this a go?

"Will you be giving this a go?"

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