Alpaca My Bags! Altiplano Gets A Traveler Expansion

August 14, 2018 by cassn

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"I don't consider myself a tourist, I'm more like a traveller, just passing through." This guy.  I hate this guy.  You had dinner with some locals and slept in a tent, and now you can't stop talking about the plight of the natives and how petting the alpaca was a spiritual experience.  You're not a traveller, Brett, you're a tool.

However, Altiplano - The Traveler is, like every good tool, useful for it's purpose, and provides an excellent first expansion to Reiner Stockhausen's bag building game.

Altiplano was Stockhausen's follow-up to the Kennerspiel des Jahres-nominated Orléans.  Set in the heights of the Andes, players must collect and trade resources such as cacao, wool, food, cloth and more in order to construct a better life.

Beautifully designed and utterly engaging, Altiplano is a bag builder which intrigues and delights. This first expansion promises to deliver more excitement and opportunities for players, as our traveler spends through his gap year trust fund and waxes lyrical about his spiritual awakening.  It isn't due for release until October, however, fans can pre-order their copy through Renegade Games online.

Tourist or Traveler? You decide!

"Set in the heights of the Andes, players must collect and trade resources"

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