AntiMatter Release New Shadowsea Character Images

January 11, 2019 by cassn

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Avast, me hearties! Antimatter Games have released new images of their artwork and miniatures for the Shadowsea characters in the Grace Flynn Warband Starter Set. So weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen and cast your eye to these scurvy dogs!

First up is Nereus Neptune, a really cool addition to any Fortune Hunter Warband!

I absolutely love the posing on this miniature - he looks like he's ready for a fight! I also really love the detailing on his coat and beard - you can really see how the artwork has come to life in the sculpt.

Next to join the ranks of Grace Flynn's crew is Seaton the Mariner.

I don't find this miniature quite as interesting as Nereus Neptune, despite liking the original artwork. Perhaps when it was painted, it would look more dynamic and unique, but unpainted it doesn't really have any features which make it stand out.

If you're braving the Shadowsea and want the Grace Flynn Warband by your side, keep an eye on the Antimatter Games website for further information.

Will you brave these treacherous seas, or are ye a lousy landlubber?

"A really cool addition to any Fortune Hunter Warband!"

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