Archon’s Chronicle X Meets New Alien Foes + Get In On Late Pledges!

February 7, 2018 by brennon

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The team at Archon Studio have been powering on with the development of their recent Kickstarter game, Chronicle X. They are hard at work designing and fleshing out some of the models unlocked during the campaign. Plus, you can still get in on Late Pledges for the project if this takes your fancy...

Chronicle X - Gray Assassins

For example, here we have the Gray Assassins. With bladed weapons and plenty of alien grace, they look like deadly killers who could bring your heroes down if you're not careful.

On the opposite side of the coin, we have the heavily armoured and armed Heavy Gray Infantry.

Chronicle X - Heavy Gray Infantry

These fellows carry around with them a variant of the pulse rifle which can allow them to lay down a withering amount of fire on the tabletop.

Why just have guns when you could also bring to bear some deadly creatures and mechanical allies too with the likes of the Slipsteel here for the heroes, hoping to shrug off some of that incoming fire...

Chronicle X - Slipsteel

...and for the Grays, we have this fellow, and possibly my favourite from this preview. Meet Rameri who reminds me of a creature from Men In Black!

Chronicle X - Rameri

I could imagine Slipsteel going up against this fellow in a mighty tussle. Claws and chitin going up against Sci-Fi metallics and big guns; quite the spectacle.

Turncoat Hero

We also have the rather awesome Pentagon who joins the heroes against the Gray invasion.

Chronicle X - Pentagon

This fellow is one of the five Grays who crashlanded in Roswell back in 1947. He betrayed his kin and now works alongside humanity. I guess he really likes out guns, clothes and cigars. He does look rather awesome too and would be a lot of fun to paint!

What do you think of the work going into this game so far?

"I guess he really likes out guns, clothes and cigars..."

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