Ares Games’ Sword & Sorcery Battles Onto Kickstarter

October 16, 2015 by brennon

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The dungeon delving adventures of Sword & Sorcery are now on Kickstarter looking for funding. Heroes face off against hordes of monsters throughout dungeons and more. Which hero will you be choosing to take on this new journey from Ares Games?

Sword & Sorcery (Main)

The game includes...

  • Ultra Detailed 32mm Scale Figures, sculpted by Studio Gutierrez, well known by miniature lovers as sculptors of the Infinity Miniature Game. You can have a sneak peek at many of the models we developed on SketchFab.
  • Solo Play. A single player controlling two or more heroes can play the entire campaign.
  • High Character Customization. 10 classes, 7 Soul Ranks (levels) per hero, 50 different hero powers, over 100 items including weapons, magic artefacts, and soul weapons!
  • Sophisticated Combat and Magic System. A detailed combat system based on two types of custom 10-sided dice and an intuitive cooldown management of spells and skills grant spectacular fights. No numbers or tables to check, just icons and quick strategic decisions!
  • No Player Elimination. When a hero dies, he becomes a ghost soul, an ethereal form able to use its unique ghost shout against enemies, and then he can resurrect spending Soul points at the gods' altar.
  • No Game Master required. An innovative A.I. system allows control and management of enemies by the players, giving them intelligent behaviour and creating interesting battles every time.
  • Modular Boards. Each map tile is double sided and created to be interconnected with any other tile, allowing the creation of endless new quests.
  • Story-Driven Campaign. A story of intrigue and conflict awaits the heroes… Loot, treasures and traps are just the beginning!
  • 90 Minutes Experience. Quests are designed to be completed in about 90 minutes or less.
  • Extended Replay Value. Each hero has two different classes to choose from. In addition, quests can be customized by swapping enemies, thanks to the challenge level system, and thanks to the randomly acquired powers, enemies represent a new, unpredictable challenge in every encounter.

You can see the full contents of both the retail version of the game and the Kickstarter one over on their page although we have some of their recent stretch goals below all of which were unlocked during the first day.

Sally The Wolf

Death Knight

Orc King

The models are looking great for this project and they've done a lot of work on making some mighty foes for your heroes to face off against. With the A.I mechanics governing the monsters in play as well you can all enjoy facing off against these monsters as a group.

Treasure Cards

Adventure Cards

I think the art choices on the cards is great too and while they might look a little complicated right now I think it won't take long to get stuck into the mechanics. Have you been enamoured with this project?

Drop a comment below...

"Which hero will you be choosing to take on this new journey from Ares Games?"

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