New Infinity & Aristeia! Releases – March 2018!

February 19, 2018 by crew

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Some new Infinity releases popped up from Corvus Belli today ahead of their March 2018 release. Take a look...

New Infinity & Aristeia! Releases - March 2018!

Dire Foes Mission Pack #7: Candy Cloud - Onyx Contact Force Vs USARF

This new Dire Foes box arrives and adds to the narrative as we run into 2018. Somewhere in the frozen realm of Novy Cimmeria the intrepid reporter Candy Double finds something that will unleash the fury of the Combined Army and their Nexus Spec-Ops Kerr-Nau.

This is, however, unless USARF's Rosie Munroe can save the day in time!

Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat. With AP HMG

Fighting for the USARF we also have the Blackjacks.These ultra-efficient and cost-effective units bring a definitive American flavour to the tabletop.

They are equipped with high-powered automatic weapons and should be ready to kick ass at a moments notice.

Asawire Reg. With Spitfire

Fighting for Haqqislam we have some resilient heavy infantry for their Persian force. This fireteam is one of the most resistant in the Infinity range and delivers a killer hit when they fire.

Make sure to watch out for them when they start getting stuck in next month.

Kurgat, Reg. Of Assault Engineers With Boarding Shotgun

The Morat Aggression force gets some more specialists. These fellows are equipped for close range combat and will take no time to clear mission and objective rooms on the tabletop.

Shikami With Contender

Following up from that we also have the addition of a JSA operative. This chap is for your Samurai Bushido Code themed forces on the tabletop. They enjoy the benefits of the Fireteam Duo Skill as well which is hand.

You will also find yourself getting an extra arm and alternative head in the set to play around with.

Nisses From Svalarheima

Dropping into the Svalarheima Winter Force we have a re-packaging of an existing model. The Nisses are a total pain for any enemy who has to face them, either individually or in pairs.

What do you make of this new addition to the force?

Soldiers Of Fortune Aristeia! Release

In addition to all of these models, you will also be able to pick up the Soldiers Of Fortune Pack for Aristeia!

Inside the set, you get Valkyrie, Hannibal, Laxmee & Senor Massacrew for your team, all in plastic and with the additional tokens and cards.

What are you going to be picking up?

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