Ars Victor by Trip West Games, Good Old Fashioned Strategy Fun

July 15, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Trip West Games is now taking pre-orders for their soon to be released (December 2014) game Ars Victor.

Ars Victor

They had a recent successful Kickstarter campaign and are now offering a limited edition version. This limited edition will offer the basic set along with 60 units from the expansion Empire of Men and 60 units from a yet to be completed expansion called Ancient Hegemony. Now this game reminds me of an classic war boardgame from the likes of Avalon hill with cardstock counters and hex game boards.

Ars Victor pieces

They update it with using command cards and customizable tiles. They also claim that a game should take only about an hour, because we know how long some of those old games took to play. I should also say it seems to be based in a Sci-Fi world with what some may recognize from another game system. You can even set up an account on their website to make your own custom armies.

Ars Victor pieces custom

Are you looking for some old fashioned game play with an updated twist?

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