Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s Orlog Dice Game Hits Kickstarter

July 15, 2021 by brennon

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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla features a pretty awesome dice-chucking mini-game called Orlog. Designed for the video game, Orlog takes cues from games of the period but was invented to give you a neat thing to do during your downtime. It is also highly addictive!

Orlog Main Image - PureArts

Orlog Kickstarter // PureArts

PureArts has now brought Orlog out of the digital realm and into reality with their Kickstarter which is live now! They have got stuck in to remake the game for fans of Valhalla complete with wonderfully replicated dice, bowls, components and more.

How To Play Orlog // PureArts

You can watch the How To Play video above but Orlog is a pretty simple game with a kick of strategy. Each round you'll alternate rolling dice which represent damage, defence and the ability to steal coins from your opponent.

When each player has rolled three times they'll then go through the process of damaging each other and activating God Favours which can boost and complement your rolls. The first person to knock out the other player is the winner!

There is a lot more strategy to the game than you'd think, especially one that was designed as a mini-game for a big video game. I think they looked at Gwent and decided they needed to do something similar!

You'll really want to think about the best time to use certain dice, the best time to re-roll and when to activate your God Favours. There are quite a few of the aforementioned God Favours to choose from so you'll have to start planning before you begin playing too!

Orlog Pledge Options

There are a couple of options for picking up your own copy of Orlog.

Orlog Pledge - PureArts

Orlog Pledge // PureArts

There is the core Orlog Pledge as you'll see above. This comes with everything that you need to play the game alongside the stretch goals that have been unlocked. Stretch Goals included upgraded tokens, coins, linen bags and more accessories.

You can also upgrade to the Tavern Edition of Orlog...

Tavern Edition - PureArts

Tavern Edition // PureArts

This levels things up even more with the core game, a Kickstarter Exclusive Drinking Horn and a linen gaming mat to lay on the ground outside your favourite drinking establishment. It seems neat but I reckon that the core game is probably what most people are going to go for.

If you're a fan of "historical" games then this might be a good shout. It's not quite authentic but it certainly feels like it fits the period, albeit with a bit more polish! Orlog was a lot of fun to play in Valhalla so I reckon it might be a good shout for the real-life tabletop too.

Are you tempted by Orlog?

"Orlog was a lot of fun to play in Valhalla so I reckon it might be a good shout for the real-life tabletop too..."

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