Awaken Realms Launch Nemesis Lockdown Kickstarter

May 29, 2020 by brennon

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Awaken Realms has now launched their Kickstarter for Nemesis Lockdown, a big expansion to their hit board game, Nemesis. This project will allow you to get the original core game, Lockdown plus a load of extras to keep you horrified for years to come.

Nemesis Lockdown Main Image

In Nemesis Lockdown you'll be taken off of your spaceship and instead, find yourself running around a secret lab on the planet Mars. Here you'll be facing off against a new alien race and rushing about their multi-level structure trying to make sure that a terrible cataclysm doesn't befall both you and the facility your in. Here is what's included as part of that expansion...

Nemesis Lockdown Main Pledge - Awaken Realms.jpg

So, as you'll see, they have managed to laden on the wonderful artwork and design that we've seen from previous projects by Awaken Realms. This is certainly a board game which is dripping with atmosphere and really nails that Sci-Fi horror feeling of films from the later period of the 20th Century.

Each of the characters that you'll get to play as in the game feel unique and different, approaching their tasks in different ways. You'll then have all manner of different aliens that you'll need to contend with who are seeking to rip you apart and perhaps even infecting you so you turn on your allies at a crucial moment.

Nemesis Lockdown Stretch Goals

As well as the Lockdown core box, the team at Awaken Realms has also been working on a few Stretch Goal options which have been added into the mix as the campaign as rolled forward.

-5ed0d19993a3d--5ed0d19993a3fStretch Goals Lockdown - Awaken Realms.jpg

These are all nice quality of life adjustments to the game and help it feel that bit more lavish. The Stretch Goals for this campaign aren't tied to a specific money target and instead will be revealed each day as it continues. This is tied into the idea that all of the content they are adding is specific to Lockdown, although of course a lot of the components from various expansions can be used together.

Nemesis Add-Ons & Expansions

Talking of expansions and Add-Ons, there are a lot of them for you to consider if you really want to make this game your hobby of choice for the next few years.

Aftermath Expansion - Awaken Realms

Each new expansion for the game adds in more components, cards, characters and scenarios for you to explore. As I said above, if you want this game to be THE thing that you play on a given weekend then Awaken Realms has pretty much provided that.

Some expansions help you out with fun new survivors and heroes to adventure with whilst others just make your life a misery. For example, here is the Carnomorphs expansion!

Carnomorph Expansion - Awaken Realms

There is a lot for you to go and dive into over on their Kickstarter page since Nemesis is a pretty massive project before you start to look at expansions, add-ons and Lockdown itself. If you're looking for a spooky Sci-Fi thriller with plenty of chances for you to be ripped apart by deadly aliens then this is certainly a game to take a closer look at.

Void Seeders - Awaken Realms

In the case of Nemesis, it does help that beyond all the plastics and cardboard components, there is a pretty good game running in the background. I've watched a lot of reviews and previews for the base game and whilst it won't be for everyone and it has its flaws, it is generally considered to be a really fun experience for you and a few friends to get stuck into.

Make sure to go and check out the Kickstarter for more information and let us know if you've enjoyed the original game too in the comments below.

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"...let us know if you've enjoyed the original game too in the comments below"

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