Awaken Realms Let You Peek At Tainted Grail: The Fall Of Avalon

November 21, 2018 by brennon

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Awaken Realms has put forth their draft page for the upcoming Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Kickstarter. This gives you a chance to take a peek at the game and their campaign and also feed back into it with your thoughts on what they're doing.

Tainted Grail Main - Awaken Realms

The game is a one-to-four player adventure where you take on the role of heroes from Arthurian legend and wander through the lands completing quests. Each of your decisions in this narratively driven game will forge a story with far-reaching consequences so your games should be different each time you play.

Tainted Grail The Fall Of Avalon - Awaken Realms

You are going to be wandering the lands, trying to survive as the world slowly sinks into the Wyrdness and monsters and more stalk the wilderness. Each of your heroes aren't the great warriors, sages and more of legend either as they have all ventured forth and already fallen. You will be trying to forge your own destiny and survive against the odds.

Tainted Grail The Fall Of Avalon (Gameplay) - Awaken Realms

I love that the game comes with its own maps and letters, pushing you deeper into this world and giving you a real sense of a living, breathing experience within Arthurian legend. It reminds me of a Fantasy twist on other games of this sort like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and 7th Continent where you will be writing a story together with your group.

The miniatures, which for me aren't the real draw here, are also splendid so there's that added bonus too!

What do you think of Tainted Grail so far?

"I love that the game comes with its own maps and letters..."

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