Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!

November 11, 2017 by brennon

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It's time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems' Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Weekender: Battle Systems' Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!

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We've got loads of awesomeness to discuss this weekend so stick with us and get stuck into the show.


Next week, Justin and Az are going to be over in England at SteamCon from Steamforged Games. If you're coming along to the event you can join the two as they play some games of Guild Ball and get involved with a Shadow Games tournament!

If you can't make it then make sure to drop your Questions below in the comments and we'll do our best to get them answered when we're over with the team from Steamforged Games.

Aristeia! week is also coming soon launching on Monday 20th November. Make sure to keep an eye out for it and all of the goodness from this new game by Corvus Belli.


We've got some cool news to get stuck into...

...what caught your eye from the news this week?

What's Ahead For Infinity?

We stop in with Carlos from Corvus Belli to talk about what's coming down the pipeline for Infinity. We've got loads of fascinating bits and bobs to look forward to!

First Look At Battle Systems' Core Space

We had Colin in the studio from Battle Systems as he talked about Core Space and what you can look forward to when the Kickstarter hits in November.

This fast-paced Sci-Fi skirmish game is looking fantastic, mixing Firefly and all manner of cool roguish Sci-Fi troupes into a brilliant game.

Kickstarter Time

We're also checking out what's on Kickstarter this week...

...will you be pledging for any of these products?

Have a great weekend!

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