Become Leader Of A Space Empire In 2022 Release Of Voidfall

May 7, 2021 by fcostin

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Controlling an epic civilisation in space? Yes! Co-created by one of the same designers as Anachrony? Double yes! Information about the long-awaited sci-fi board game Voidfall has now been released. And players will have the authority to command their own space empire in the upcoming title, making its way on to our tabletops in 2022, with a brand new take on the space 4x genre.

Voidfall // Mindclash Games

Mindclash Games are no stranger to the sci-fi genre with the previous successful release of Anacrony. But Voidfall takes a very different turn in space. The civilisation board game puts players in the seat of one of the leaders of the few houses in power who control dominion in areas of space.

The game requires player interaction with several different modes available. As the game is for 1-4 players, you can create unity in space with a common enemy of the Voidborn in both a collaborative mode and competitive, or if you want to go about those space politics on your own, a solo mode is available too. And what is even better - each mode uses the same ruleset, so you will not need to learn several different games to immerse yourself in different modes.

Each house is different, as they all boast their own different strengths and weaknesses. Using decision making, and strategy, you and your opponents (or teammates), can work collaboratively to ensure the rival house of Voidborn can be contended with.

Voidfall // Mindclash Games

The game is played over three cycles. Each cycle ends with an event that will shake up the system completely. Adding in new scoring processes and changing the dynamics of the game completely. You can level up your wares and tech to prepare, take good care of your population and production and increase your "defence" of space fleets.

You will not need to have the luck of the dice on your side. As your thinking ahead and smart decisions will determine the outcome of your house.

The game has a wealth of different sci-fi game designers, creators and artists behind it. Including Nigel Buckle, designer of Omega Centauri, Dávid Turczi co-creator of Anachrony and Ian O'Toole, artist of On Mars. Although there is not too much information on this upcoming title. I am excited to see what the board is going to look like, the components involved and hoping for more teasers prior to release.

Voidfall has a plan of release in 2022, with no solid date in mind. So I will be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more information on this highly anticipated board game title.

What is your favourite civilisation game? Yes, I will accept all tabletop variants! 

"You will not need to have the luck of the dice on your side. As your thinking ahead and smart decisions will determine the outcome of your house. "

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