Help The Mad King Build His Castles In Stonemaier’s Crossover Game

August 31, 2018 by cassn

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Stonemaier Games have clearly been getting into the Halloween spirit, as their mad scientists produce a new Franken-game.  Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a combination of two games we know and love - Between Two Cities and Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

After receiving permission from Beizer Games to combine the two, I assume the guys at Stonemaier Games got together in a suitably gothic setting in some sort of thunderstorm with electrical equipment and created this new offering.


 The king demands a castle! You are a world-renowned master builder who has been asked by the Mad King Ludwig to help design his castles. Projects of such significance require the expertise of more than one person, so for each assignment you are paired with another master builder to execute your grandiose plans. Will your planning and partnership skills be enough to design the most impressive castles in the world?

In this tile-drafting game, each tile acts as a room in the mad King's castles, and players must work with the people on either side of them, having input on their castle design.  At the end of the round, your personal score is the lower score of the two castles you helped to design.

castlelarge back

I've written about so many tile-laying games recently and, although I'll admit the artwork is detailed, the components are quality and the concept is sound, I just don't know how this holds up with the current market.  Perhaps a playthrough would change my mind but, personally for me, this hybrid is not on my radar.  But for those of you who enjoy a good crossover, Between Two castles of Mad King Ludwig is available for pre-order now.

Do you like hybrid/crossover games? Let us know below!

"You are a world-renowned master builder who has been asked by the Mad King Ludwig to help design his castles."

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