Star Saga Ending Soon With Two Big Expansions Unveiled

October 19, 2016 by brennon

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Mantic Games are closing in on the final few hours of their Kickstarter for Star Saga and with that, we're getting a look at two big expansions unlocked at the $325k mark that will focus in on both the Rebs and The Nameless.

Star Saga (Main)

More missions are always good for someone who enjoys their dungeon delving, even when it takes to the stars!

The Devil's Betrayal

First up we're focusing in on The Devil's Betrayal which will net you some new mercenaries including Ector Zanchez that we previewed last weekend.

The Devil's Betrayal Expansion

So what's the story behind this expansion? Well, Mantic were kind enough to let us know...

"Blaine’s contacts have intel sourced from monitoring of rebel transmissions across the galactic dark net. The data-crunchers believe that the Rebs have somehow located a source for Vector-P, whether they know it or not. Through his extensive network of spies, cross-referenced with what information his paymasters have divulged, Blaine has located what appears to be a secret rebel base on the jungle planet of Kyoorani Prime.

The last transmissions tagged as the possible Vector-P intel have now been verified as coming from the same location. Knowing his previous rebel connections, Blaine has contracted Francesco Selvaggio to lead the team that will investigate and take whatever data and samples they can find at the site. Unbeknownst to Selvaggio however, he’s about to be reacquainted with some old friends…"

Very cool indeed and it's neat that it's going to be adding in a few more twists in the tale for Blaine. Additionally, new Reb sculpts could then be used across their other games like Deadzone and Warpath.

Terror In The Deep

We mentioned the Terror In the Deep before as we took a look at some of The Nameless coming to Star Saga but this has been unlocked for Star Saga fans.

Terror In The Deep Mini Expansion

As with the first expansion, you'll get a small rulebook to guide you through this particular story and some themed tiles too which fit in with the scenario. Once again Mantic gave us the lowdown on the story too...

"The Council of Seven has been receiving numerous - often panicked - reports that the once peaceful Nameless are leaving their home worlds and expanding further into GCPS space. Their distinctive ships have been spotted on abandoned trade routes before quickly disappearing into slip space. Others report seemingly random attacks on GCPS monitoring posts throughout the galaxy.

Now the Council has received information that a group of Nameless has settled on a planet on the edge of Corporation space, building a hi-tech biosphere deep beneath the ocean. Blaine and his team of mercenaries have been hired to find out why the Nameless are making these incursions into GCPS space, while also stealing any samples of the arcane technology used by these mysterious beings.

But heading underwater, into the natural environment of the Nameless, could prove to be their most dangerous mission yet…"

Both of them sound pretty exciting and it will be fun to see how the narrative twists and turns. I hope there are a few surprises along the way as you're battling through the facilities!

The expansions can be collected together for the Kickstarter in a Mega Bundle too.

Expansion Mega Bundle

This additionally drops the Retake The Blackstar expansion into the mix where you'll be facing the Veer-Myn and their Brood-Mother Boss!

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"More missions are always good for someone who enjoys their dungeon delving, even when it takes to the stars!"

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