Big Lads & Lasses Stomping Onto The Blood Bowl Pitch

December 3, 2019 by brennon

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Blood Bowl is expanding with even more teams getting the chance to stomp onto the pitch and score some touchdowns from Games Workshop. The new Fire Mountain Gut Busters will be available for you to pick up as a team this weekend as pre-orders go live.

Ogre Blood Bowl Team #1 - Games Workshop

Start Your Blood Bowl Team @ Store.OnTableTop

The core elements of the team will be available in plastic and will offer up an option to get your hands on some rather spritely looking Ogres who are then supported by their Gnoblar/Goblin friends. I say friends; they are effectively living missiles which the Ogres will attempt to throw at any given moment. You'd be surprised how often that trick actually scores a touchdown...although the Gnoblars might have a different set of statistics.

Spike Journal! Issue 8 will include all of the rules for the Ogres plus you'll be able to find the collected works within a new Almanac also coming out soon. You can also expect to pick up themed dice, pitches and more to suit the Ogres. Plus, Forge World will be releasing a booster kit in resin with two female Ogres and some more Gnoblars!

Extra Ogre Blood Bowl Team #2 - Games Workshop

So, if you feel like mixing things up and adding a bit more muscle into the mix you have some options from them too. I used to play as an Ogre team on FUMBBL and they tended to do alright although I don't think I ever got to the heady heights of a trophy-winning position.

It's neat to see more of these teams coming into the mix from Games Workshop and from what I've heard, the new version of Blood Bowl has gone down quite well. It seems like the rules for the teams are all over the place at the moment though but hopefully, there should be some avenues to getting into the game thrown into the mix online.

What do you make of these new hulks?

"...from what I've heard, the new version of Blood Bowl has gone down quite well"

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