Black Widow Prepares To Strike In Marvel Champions

January 17, 2020 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games has now previewed the hero that will come after Thor in their releases schedule for Marvel Champions. If you've not been scouting around on eBay and perhaps stumbled upon the leaks, you'll be surprised to know that Black Widow will be arriving soon!

Black Widow Hero Pack - FFG

The new Black Widow Hero Pack comes with the new character, her affiliated cards and also an allegiance to the Justice sphere. As with all of the Hero Packs that you pick up for Marvel Champions, inside you'll find a pre-made deck which can be used right away alongside the main game and its various scenarios.

Black Widow Card Fan - FFG

The key focus behind Black Widow's deck is on preparing for every eventuality. As she is a world-class spy, she uses what are called Preparation cards in order to deal with everything that the villain might throw at you. For example, you might have Widow's Bite in play which does damage to minions when they get revealed. Or, you could have Grappling Hook set up so that when something terrible flies towards you, you can simply escape and prepare for the next strike.

Whilst it might seem that the best way to make decks for Black Widow would be to throw all sorts of Preparation cards into the mix, you need to find a balance. As they won't trigger until certain circumstances are revealed you might find that Black Widow sits there and bides her time indefinitely unless you vary things up!

She also comes with the Justice sphere which is absolutely perfect for thwarting the plans of the villain. A new ally comes in the set, the lovable Agent Coulson.

Agent Coulson - FFG

As you can see, he has the ability to feed more Preparation cards into the mix which is perfect for Black Widow. But, it should be noted that these types of cards can be included in anyone's deck so you can all benefit from having Coulson on side if you're playing with the Justice sphere.

If the character appeals to you then maybe you'll be interested in picking up the Black Widow Mat as well...

Black Widow Mat - FFG

This is a rather awesome looking mat. I think that Fantasy Flight Games has done a sterling job on the mats for Marvel Champions, taking some iconic artwork for the hero and working it into the foreground and the background.

Are you tempted to snap up this new hero for Marvel Champions?

"Are you tempted to snap up this new hero for Marvel Champions?"

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