Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter Now Live From CMON

December 5, 2018 by brennon

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CMON is now on Kickstarter with a digital version of their hit board game, Blood Rage. As well as helping to design the digital game there are also some options for those who have the physical copy of the game too.

Blood Rage Digital - CMON

This is a short campaign with just five days left on it right now. This version of Blood Rage offers up a stunning digital version of the game with all of the bells and whistle you'd have imagined including a very interesting looking game board and more.

There is also a single player model as well as the network-based multiplayer for you to get stuck into with four people. There's even a way to mix things up and have maybe two Viking players and two as AI.

You can see more of the physical rewards open to backers as part of pledge here too.

Blood Rage Digital Pledge - CMON

The new Giant and Garm models are awesome giving you a few more interesting monsters to throw into the mix. There's also the new Stag Clan design with all of the bits and pieces you need to use them in the basic and expanded versions of Blood Rage.

If you want to be REALLY glam there's also the Golden Gods Of Asgard which are new versions of the miniatures that were available during the original campaign. They do look rather epic...

Are you tempted by this new version of the game?

"The new Giant and Garm models are awesome..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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