Bloodborne The Board Game Is Next CMON Kickstarter Project

February 21, 2019 by brennon

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CMON has announced that the next Kickstarter project they are going to be working on is for Bloodborne The Board Game. It's time for them to step back into Yharnam to hunt beasts in the darkness.

Bloodborne The Board Game - CMON

Eric Lang and Michael Shinall have joined forces once again for this game after previously working together on projects like A Song Of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures Game. Lang also worked on the Card Game for the same game universe which you can find HERE.

One would imagine that the board game version of Bloodborne is going to expand on the tight and brutal combat of the card game and also throw some fancy new miniatures into the mix as well.

Have you had a chance to play the card game and if so, are you happy to see them bringing Bloodborne to life once more in board game form?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Eric Lang and Michael Shinall have joined forces once again..."

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