Creator Of Cascadia Takes Us to Tabriz & A Persian Bazaar

June 24, 2022 by brennon

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The creator of Cascadia, Randy Flynn, is taking us away from the wilderness of North America and into the heart of a Persian Bazaar with their new game. Tabriz has been getting a few sneaky previews ahead of a crowdfunding campaign in the near future from Crafty Games.

Tabriz - Crafty Games

Tabriz // Crafty Games

Randy Flynn's designs have been matched to the wonderful artwork of Syd Fini in this "meeple-moving game of careful planning and quick action". You will be weaving and selling luxurious carpets in the market city of Tabriz. Throughout the game, you will be filling commissions and working on splendid pieces for merchants and royalty.

Tabriz Cards - Crafty Games

Tabriz Cards // Crafty Games

During a turn of Tabriz, three assistant meeples will move through the Grand Bazaar and take actions based on where they land. You can buy, trade, and roll dice to accrue wool, camel hair, silk, plant dye and carmine dye. You have a limited range when it comes to your assistant's movement so you will need to plan well to get the right materials you need and be in place to finish your commissions before the other players do theirs.

At the end of the turn, if you have enough materials, you can complete a carpet and gain prestige! One of the neat things about the game that we know so far is that the market will fluctuate and resources will become easier and harder to get. So, you will need to plan ahead when it comes to collecting what you need.

You can also upgrade your assistants and make it easier for them to rush around the market. You can also make it so you can finish more carpets in one go and earn bonus prestige in the doing. There is even an Advanced Workshop Mode where each weaver in the game will have their own unique abilities that trigger during a game round. Pretty cool!

Finally, the game also boasts a robust solo mode that can be played against multiple AI. Not bad!

I really like Flynn's Cascadia so I am crossing my fingers that this is just as good!

"You will be weaving and selling luxurious carpets in the market city of Tabriz..."

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