Brotherwise Games Showcase Stormlight Archive Minis For 2022

December 22, 2021 by fcostin

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Call To Adventure from Brotherwise Games is continuously growing. With several titles already released, and Epic Origins just 1000% funded on Kickstarter, the range allows players to build and create their ultimate adventure and hero as they journey through the ideal fantasy world.

The Stormlight Archive expansion for Call to Adventure provides players with new destinies to unpick, new challenges to face and new paths to head down, as players truly take the front seat of their adventure.

Stormlight Archive - Brotherwise Games

Stormlight Archive Premium Miniatures // Brotherwise Games

Now that Epic Origins has been fully funded, Brotherwise Games and Brandon Sanderson have put their creative heads together once more to expand the universe, bringing miniatures of both heroes and villains from The Stormlight Archive. Heading to Kickstarter 2022.

Brotherwise has confirmed that they have been working hard with Dragonsteel to bring more than 20 iconic characters to Kickstarter, providing 28mm-32mm scale miniatures.

If you are interested in adding some new heroes to your adventure, be sure to sign up for the newsletter from Brotherwise Games, where they will email you updates with major news regarding the development of their upcoming titles.

Would you be interested in adding some miniatures to your Call to Adventure?

"Brotherwise Games will bring more than 20 iconic characters to Kickstarter, providing 28mm-32mm scale miniatures..."

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