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January 9, 2019 by cassn

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When the Imperium seized control of Earth, it seemed hopeless. Martial law was declared, and those who opposed the totalitarian regime were sentenced to death or, indeed, worse fates. However, before the final blow could be cast, a group of rebels seized control of a Class-II jumpship - the Ridback - and fled Earth with as many souls as they could.


It has been close to seven years that these refugees from Earth have called the Ridback home, and finally the crew has found a planet with promise. They have managed to establish outposts around it, and now the great burden falls on you to expand these small “alphas” into a full-fledged Beta Colony. 


This new colony - Victus - requires leadership and, as a Director in charge of overseeing this new colony, you must collect resources and build structures which will benefit Victus across a variety of terrains.


Beta Colony is an area development game from Rio Grande Games with an interesting rolldell mechanism. This is a combination of dice rolling and rondel use to create a mid-weight strategic game which should provide players with plenty of opportunities to succeed. The player at the end with the greatest Confidence Points (CP) is elected the first leader of Victus!


Beta Colony is currently printing and will be available through local game stores later this month!

What do you think of the combined rolling/rondel mechanism?

"Now the great burden falls on you to expand these small “alphas” into a full-fledged Beta Colony!"

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