Build And Reconfigure An Alien Aircraft In The Cube: Area 51

December 17, 2021 by fcostin

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Have you ever wondered what is inside Area 51? Greater Than Games have recently announced their journey into the paranormal with The Cube: Area 51. Placing placers in the hunger of exploration in The Cubereconstruction project.

The Cube - Greater Than Games - Area 51

The Cube: Area 51 // Greater Than Games

What is The Cubereconstruction project, Free? Well, inside Area 51 - players will find an interesting looking spacecraft that needs a little tweaking by some well-educated specialists. And those specialists will be the 2-4 players stepping up to rebuild the alien craft.

Each player will be taking the role of a department head when working on the alien technology. As they work together, reconfiguring tiles to manipulate the machine to gain control. Although players are working together, the end goal will place one player as Captain - as the department who eventually controls The Cube will be the winner.

The Cube - Area 51 - Greater Than Games

Game Layout // The Cube: Area 51

The game can take roughly 45 minutes to complete - depending on how many of you are working on The Cube. You can expect to see a release into retail at the start of next year on January 27, 2022.

Do you think that you would be skilled enough to claim dominance over The Cube? 

"Although players are working together, the end goal will place one player as Captain..."

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