Calico & Cascadia Designers Head To Retail With Verdant

June 28, 2022 by fcostin

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Last Summer over on Kickstarter, players were challenged by Flatout Games to create a comfortable and zen living space, by arranging plants in the perfect positions for sunlight. I have a disturbing amount of plants in my house, and it often brings me joy rearranging each room to bring a fresh breath of jungle chaos.

Gameplay Preview - Verdant

Gameplay Preview // Verdant

Verdant from Flatout Games and AEG will be heading to retail soon. Described as a 'puzzly-spatial' card game, 1-5 players will be hoarding their houseplants to create a happy home for both players and plants. Showcasing a gorgeous and cosy space by arranging the items and plants within the environment.

Placing plants in their perfect positions, players will be analysing their space for plant happiness and a fair distribution of sunlight whilst factoring in the impact of other items.

Item Resources - Verdant

Item Resources // Verdant

Creating a tableau of cards which will represent your home, players will pick a token and card from the play area to build their wonderful environment. Constantly moving the cards in front of them to adhere to requirements for sun, whilst considering how the plants are affecting the room.

Players will be racking up victory points throughout the game, with plenty to score points on. Whether that be a race for the perfect room, or the diverse spread of plants. The player with the most victory points by the end of roughly half an hour of gameplay: will be crowned the champion.

Goal Cards Preview - Verdant

Goal Cards Preview // Verdant

There is a solo mode available, which is an awesome addition, taking away the competitive nature and allowing players to scratch their heads for the organisation on their terms, without feeling rushed for strategy by the other opponents.

Plant Cards Preview - Verdant

Plant Cards Preview // Verdant

The illustrations for the game is from one of my favourite board game artists, Beth Sobel, so it was no doubt my eyes were glistening when I began to see some of the cards. Being involved in titles alike Calico, Herbaceous and Wingspan - each card has been gorgeously printed with a varied plant, from the Venus Fly Trap to the Peace Lily!

Verdant was a title that I was looking at on Kickstarter but had to behave, with hopes that the title would be heading to retail. I often spend my Sunday with a board game in front of me, and a pair of fluffy socks stopping me from entering the outside world!

I will certainly be looking to pick this one up when I see it at my FLGS, with similar mechanics to some of my favourites alike Cascadia and Calico, if you have enjoyed a puzzly tile-laying game before - Verdant will certainly equip you with some green fingers!

Maybe I will feel more inspired for some feng shui after tactically moving plants for happiness! 

" if you have enjoyed a puzzly tile-laying game before - Verdant will certainly equip you with some green fingers! "

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