Call To Adventure: Epic Origins Kickstarter Expands Into Backstory

October 19, 2021 by fcostin

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Fantasy heroes unite! A brand new Call to Adventure has been announced to make its way over to Kickstarter within the next month by Brotherwise Games. As players can expand their fantasy universe into more lore and backstory for a complete story-telling experience.

Call to Adventure: Epic Origins // Brotherwise Games

If you haven't played Call to Adventure before, the game places players in the midst of their own journey. Focussing on character development in a high fantasy universe, 1-4 players make their way through their own designed destiny from the ground up. Creating a hero to exist and plunge into challenges, take down some foes and gain some new traits along the way.  The focal point of the adventure is the character, the journey is a learning curve.

Call to Adventure: Epic Origins will take players a little further back than where they started their original adventure. As players are tasked to create their own origin story and backstory for their character. The new game title adds Heritage cards into the mix which allows players to immerse themselves into the roles of classic fantasy races. Combine those cards with Class cards, and you have yourself a race and class to level up as you adventure through each waypoint.

Epic Origins - Image Two

Box Art Preview // Call to Adventure: Epic Origins

Brotherwise Games have also learned from the previous releases of the core game and expansions. Looking at the main mechanics of both solo playthrough and cooperative, adding evolving Adversary cards to develop the experience further into a wider chain of sessions for the main campaign.

For more information on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, be sure to get yourself a notification for when the campaign launches here. Until then, Brotherwise Games will be filling us with leaks and announcements, until we wait patiently to see what November brings us.

Are you a fan of the Call to Adventure board game and expansions? Are you tempted to create the backstory your character deserves? 

"Players are tasked to create their own origin story and backstory for their character..."

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