Capstone Announce Direct-Customer Subscription Service

June 29, 2022 by fcostin

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How do you get hold of your board games? Do you browse alongside a wide scope of titles at your local FLGS? Do you log in online and skim through website after website for the best deal? Or do you purchase directly from publishers to get hold of some cheeky bonuses?

If you are a fan of titles from Capstone Games, constructing New York Zoo's next animal sanctuary, treating patients in a profitable clinic and building sturdy steampunk machines in Corrosion; you'll be interested in their new subscription service.

Capstone Plus - Capstone Games

Capstone + Subscription // Capstone Games

Providing customers their favourite Capstone Games titles, with 20% off everything, priority shipping and top-secret newsletters for members only in the new Capstone+ membership.

The membership is already live, working as a product listing to add to your basket costing $20. But if you are interested, do make sure you purchase the subscription alone and that it's the only product in your basket. Just to ensure your membership is updated after you've paid into Capstone+.

It is quite interesting to see a new subscription service arise from a publisher. They already have a huge bank of board games spanning back to 2019. With an average of 12 games per year planned ahead. As quite a lot of retailers usually run the 20% off discount across all of their tabletop products, I wonder how this will affect the stocking of products across retail stores.

What do you think of Capstone+? Would you prefer to go direct?

"The membership is already live, working as a product listing to add to your basket costing $20."

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