Do you like card games?

January 30, 2011 by beerogre

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Hi guys...

This is a question for all of you. Do you like card games?

Well... do ya?

Following on from the article I posted about Tor Gaming yesterday. I found on their store pages, a couple of videos on a card game called War for Edadh by Warrior Elite Ltd (so I posted it above).

I've never heard of it before. The only contact I've really had with the card games of the gaming world are the big CCG names and a couple of fun little "beer & pretzel" games... you know... Magic the Gathering... Yu Gi Oh... (the mighty and much loved) Munchkin and Fluxx.

Anyway, are there many of you out there who would be interested in some Magic the Gathering videos?

I've looked at YouTube and frankly the offerings there are best left unmentioned. However, I know a guy down the pub (isn't this how all Irish stories start!), who was Irish MTG champion a couple of times (maybe it was just once... seems like more...) and who might make a good presenter.

How would you guys fancy some videos, where we discuss the latest net decks, rules FAQs and the (frankly frightening) tournament scene for the Magic CCG?

I feel that Magic "scene" is all a bit serious. A number of my mates play it at a high level, many have been to the world championships and they are passionate about the game... well perhaps that's the wrong word... when Magic is mentioned, it's like a dark cloud descends and discussions become very "business-like".

I don't know... is it just me?

So what do you guys think, would you like to see some of that, if we can present it in a fun and interesting way?

BoW Andy

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