Cascadia Reigns As 2022 Spiel Des Jahres Winner

July 19, 2022 by fcostin

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It does not seem like that long ago when the Spiel Des Jahres award nominations were announced. Brining three different categories for the tabletop equivalent 'Game of the Year' Awards, each title has now been crowned. With the final two nominees were announced as winners after Magic Mountain took the gold for the Kinderspiel des Jahres.

Spiel Des Jahres Awards

Spiel Des Jahres Awards

The Kennerspiel des Jahres award is up first, rewarding more advanced tabletop experiences. Three awesome titles up this year, all providing very different experiences. With Osprey Games' Cryptid on the hunt for an elusive creature and taking up power in Dune: Imperium from Dire Wolf Games. However, the winner of this category in 2022 came from Ludonaute, with Living Forest. As players create harmony and serenity across the lands, working with elements to save the forest from harm.

Living Forest - Ludonaute

Living Forest // Ludonaute

2-4 players will be taking the role of friendly spirits to save the forest and sacred tree from peril. Working closely with guardian animals, players must stop the tree from receiving constant fire. Working with the elements, players will work to bring serenity rather than further chaos. Planting Protective Trees, collecting flowers, stopping fires and aiming to awaken the great Guardian Sanki to repel the incoming attack.

Alongside the Kennerspiel des Jahres award being granted to Ludonaute, the main attraction, Spiel Des Jahres Award was assigned out too. A real set of diverse titles from Kosmos, Flatout Games, AEG, Oink Games and Cocktail Games, placing players in the midst of a circus in Scout, a logical but eccentric Party Game with Top Ten. But the winner of the award will be challenging its players to build a successful ecosystem in harmony across the Pacific Northwest.

Cascadia - Flatout Games

Cascadia // Flatout Games

If you are looking to dive into Cascadia, the title places 1-4 players in a puzzling challenge to map out their terrain and populate with wildlife. Reaching into new habitats on the hexagonal grid, matching patterns and animals to their surroundings. Making considerations of placement for bonus points, and sometimes making the best of a bad situation!

The Spiel Des Jahres recommendations always come at a high value, I absolutely adore Cascadia, and am not surprised to see the title rake in the win. Even if you are not a fan of nature, animals and building a habitat of harmony, the game is a fantastic hexagonal grid tile laying game that I find incredibly soothing to play.

With titles like Crptid, Living Forest and Cascadia - if you are looking for a new recommendation for your next board game purchase - be sure to check out the winners and nominees of this year's Spiel Des Jahres awards.

Some wonderful winners this year. Have you played any of the winners or nominees per each category?

"Even if you are not a fan of nature, animals and building a habitat of harmony, the game is a fantastic hexagonal grid tile laying game that I find incredibly soothing to play. "

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