Mine The Iron Age In The First Caverna: Cave VS Cave Expansion

August 23, 2018 by cassn

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My dwarven brethren, it's time to finally upgrade that bronze maiden, because iron is coming to Caverna: Cave vs Cave!

Lookout Games have created an expansion to their head-to-head version of Caverna: The Cave FarmersCaverna: Cave vs Cave is a short 1-2 player resource game, where players mine for precious metals in order to upgrade their home.

For centuries, two dwarf tribes live in this cut-off valley, surrounded by an insurmountable mountain range. No one knows how the grudge arose, but they treat themselves nothing and everyone tries to be better and richer than the other. Always in search of even more riches, the Uwendirs and the Rosendils dig themselves into the mountains. Most recently, they are encountering a hitherto unknown ore with outstanding properties for the construction of weapons: iron. How long, under these circumstances, will it still be peaceful in the Dwarf Valley ...? *

In Caverna: Cave vs Cave - Era II: The Iron Age, players can mine for iron ore, form iron bars, and craft weapons.  There are also eight new building sites, new buildings to put on them and 21 new facilities to choose from.

The expansion has 4 new rounds after the first epoch in which to craft your iron, and impatient dwarves can use the quick start option to skip straight into the iron age and get mining!

There is no option to use your new weapons on other players in this expansion, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy your growing collection of excellent axes and hefty hammers.  The release is expected in October 2018.

Do you think Caverna: Cave vs Cave needs an attack option?  Let us know below!

"Always in search of even more riches, the Uwendirs and the Rosendils dig themselves into the mountains."

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