Cephalofair Preview New Take On Gloomhaven For 2020

October 7, 2019 by brennon

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Cephalofair Games' Issac Childres has announced that you'll be able to get into a more casual version of Gloomhaven next year with the introduction of the as-yet-properly-titled expansion to this euro-style dungeon delver.

Gloomhaven Subtitle - Cephalofair Games

This new version of Gloomhaven takes cues from the original massive box but made so that it is a little easier to get into and then complete compared to its mammoth brother. The set is going to contain a twenty-four scenario adventure, four new characters to play as and a host of new monsters that you'll find yourself battling against.

If the cover for the game were to be dissected I would imagine that it will take place within the city itself rather than the land around it, focusing the fighting and adventuring in the streets and sewers of this bustling metropolis.

New Colourful Heroes

The four characters have also been revealed by Issac Childres starting with the Valrath Red Guard who will be your tank of the party with an element of crowd control to work with.

Valrath Red Guard - Cephalofair Games

Next up we have the Inox Hatchet who is my favourite from this particular set of characters. I love the look (all the characters were designed by Alexandr Elichev) of him with that Witchhunter vibe going on and he will be the ranged damage focused character...no doubt throwing those deadly looking axes.

Inox Hatchet - Cephalofair Games

Next up we're looking to the Human Necromancer who will be doing a measure of the healing in the party but also a bit of summoning, as you'd imagine. I do hope they have made the summoning element of the game a little more effective as the times we've had a character who can do that in the party, it has not been very good (it might just have been the player...).

Human Necromancer - Cephalofair Games

Finally, for this mix of exciting and original characters, we have the Quatryl Demolitionist who is going to be getting up close and personal to do some damage in close combat and throwing all sorts of scenery around at the same time.

Quatryl Demolitionist - Cephalofair Games

I love that Gloomhaven features such a diverse and different looking set of characters which step beyond the bounds of your traditional Elves, Dwarves and the like. It makes the game feel a lot more unique and has you challenging your concept of how certain races might act in the game.

Gloomhaven is one of my favourite games and whilst I don't get to play it very often we're coming close to finishing the main quest as a group now. I am tempted to get into Forgotten Circles and this untitled version of the game which will be fully compatible with the core game.

Are you a big Gloomhaven fan or someone who has looked at it from afar and wanted a more accessible version to play?

Let us know below...

"Are you a big Gloomhaven fan or someone who has looked at it from afar and wanted a more accessible version to play?"

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