Chai: Tea For 2’s Kickstarter Campaign Funded In 7 Hours

May 10, 2021 by fcostin

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The world is in search of the next biggest taste, and tea is the taste that is hitting the sea! Countries are out to find the next biggest brew of leafy-goodness, as players battle it out as rivalled tea merchants. In an attempt to gain the most victory points during play. Put on your sailor's cap, and get ready for the harvest, as Chai: Tea for 2 is up and ready on Kickstarter.

Chai: Tea for 2 // Steeped Games

As the seasons progress throughout the year, new challenges will begin to unfold. Players will need to adapt to new strategies during gameplay to contend against the changes of the year, and overcome new ways to bring in the harvest. By using a variation of in-game mechanics such as card drafting, worker placement, dice-rolling and many more.

Players will be expected to roll the dice, collect tokens, acquire and equip cards, and load ships. Taking them across different parts of the adventure from growing to selling the product.

Chai: Tea for 2 // Steeped Games

If you wanted to give the game a go before committing to the Kickstarter, it is available on Tabletopia too! So be sure to log on, and give it a go, to see if it is your kind of style. If you do not have access to Tabletopia, be sure to check out the rulebook, available to download as a PDF on the Kickstarter campaign page.

Chai: Tea for 2 was funded on Kickstarter in the first seven hours of it being live, so the game is currently already being proven popular. Especially given the success of the two other games as part of the Chai series, Chai and Chai: High Tea.

Stretch goals have been unlocked including new cards and component upgrades, but there does seem to be a fair few more coming once the next cohort begins to unlock.

What has been your favourite Kickstarter this month?

"As the seasons progress throughout the year, new challenges will begin to unfold..."

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