Challenge Your Friends With A New Railroad Ink Kickstarter

May 13, 2020 by brennon

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Horrible Guild (previously known as Horrible Games) has taken to Kickstarter this week with their new game in the Railroad Ink series. Railroad Ink Challenge introduces loads of new rules plus ways to add more player interaction into the mix.

Railroad Ink Challenge #1 - Horrible Guild

The new Challenge version of the game has two flavours, Lush Green and Shining Yellow. Both of these games play essentially the same way but come with different dice and a different art style. One takes you into a lush forest landscape whilst the other has you drawing a sun-drenched desert.

At its heart, the game follows the same core design philosophy of Railroad Ink where you roll dice and mark out routes across the dry-erase board. You get points for connecting routes and fulfilling objectives like the longest route, and key spaces filled. Things then go to the next level in the Challenge mode when they introduce goal cards that you'll be looking to beat before the other players at the table.

-5ebbb118d5896--5ebbb118d5897Railroad Ink Challenge #2 - Horrible Guild.png

As well as the new goal cards adding a timed element to the game as you race to complete them before the other players, you've also got a mix of buildings and such that you want to try and connect up. Factories, Villages and Universities on the board open up the ability to duplicate dice, unlock secret routes and more.

Expansions & More

The Kickstarter for the game comes absolutely packed with content as well. For example, you can get yourself the Teleport Expansion and Solo Board which provides you with a new challenge and ways to get yourself out of some sticky situations.

-5ebbb11b6779c--5ebbb11b6779dRailroad Ink Challenge #3 - Horrible Guild.png

On top of that, you can also get yourself an array of themed expansions like Future, Electricity, Sky and Engineer. Each of these expansions adds in various mechanics which change up the Railroad Ink experience and take it in new directions for a fresh game each time you sit down to play.

Stretch Goals and such will also unlock the addition of the Trail Expansion for Lush Green, Canyon Expansion for Shining Yellow and Lake Goal Cards for the original Deep Blue Edition.

Plus, if you want to try out the game for yourself at home the team have made the Challenge Rules, Board and Dice available for you to tinker with right now. Railroad Ink is one of my favourite games and I play it a lot with my partner. It's so easy to set up, quick to play and provides a fascinating challenge for all players involved.

Are you tempted by this new take on the game?

"Railroad Ink is one of my favourite games and I play it a lot with my partner..."

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