Chaos In Gotham City Reigns With New Schmidt Spiele Game

January 5, 2023 by brennon

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Schmidt Spiele has announced a new game coming down the pipeline set in the Batman universe. Chaos In Gotham City is a new trick-taking card game where you take on the role of villains trying to cause chaos before Batman shows up and ruins the fun.

Chaos In Gotham City - Schmidt Spiele

Chaos In Gotham City // Schmidt Spiele

Games take as many rounds are there are number of players and at the start of each trick, one of fifteen location cards will be revealed. The winner of the trick wins this card and in true trick-taking fashion, you must follow the suit of the player who leads the round. The highest trump will win the trick and the played cards but also the highest card in the given suit will also win in the vast majority of cases. The winner then leads the next trick.

Chaos In Gotham City Components - Schmidt Spiele

Chaos In Gotham City Components // Schmidt Spiele

The interesting twist is that when all the tricks have been played, you will sum up the number of Batman points on cards and locations they have collected. Whoever ends up with the most Batman points won't score their chaos points (Batman turned up and ruined the fun!) but others will do.

After playing the game over between two and six rounds, you'll find that the person with the most chaos points is the winner. As you can see above, each of the cards comes with their own set of quirky special rules as well as the base cards for each set. So, you'll have to do a bit of planning to get around some of these villainous powers.

Will you be giving this a shot?

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